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How do you track free passes? Merged

How do you track issuance and redemption of free passes?

We give out complimentary passes and when a patron redeems them at the front desk, we ring it in as a discount. Separately, we keep a spreadsheet of who issued the certificate, the reason, etc., and when they are redeemed we log that on the spreadsheet. My question is two-fold.

1. Is there a better way to track issued and redeemed passes in Altru? If not yet, can we at least put in a "cetrificate number" in a text field when they're redeemed so we know we're getting them forwarded to the business office at the end of the day?

2. How do you other folks keep track of your complimentary passes, etc.? We're interested in logging comings and goings, but also the details of who issued them, who redeemed them, (getting those in as constituent records) etc. for marketing efforts.

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  • Jan 4 2016
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  • Apr 1, 2016

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    We are focusing our discovery efforts specifically at guest pass management. To participate, please select a time that works for you using: