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Query for eTicket URLs to export in CSV batches

It would be helpful to be able to query for eTicket URLs, and export them in CSV batches, so that patrons who have not claimed their eTickets could be sent a form email reminder. 

Example: We have after-hours events that are primarily ticketed online, and we regularly sell several hundred tickets via webticketing. Despite strong language on the web form and in the confirmation email about presenting a copy of the eTicket at admissions, many ticket purchasers do not click the link in the eTickets email, and therefore need to be sent a reminder, along with a link to their eTickets. With potentially over a hundred tickets at issue, it really is not feasible to manually resend an email to every patron who has not claimed their eTickets. Being able to query for eTicket URLs would solve this problem by allowing us to export CSV batches of patron names, email addresses, and ticket URLs, to send out a form email reminder.

Sidenote: This is functionality that I would like to see added to Altru in any case, because there will probably always be patrons who lose or forget about the first eTicket email, but I think the very high numbers of unclaimed eTickets we are currently seeing are related to the fact that the first, automatic eTickets email that the patron receives, which cannot be edited, uses language that is vague and (I'm sorry, but...) kind of spammy sounding. If your organization has also found the eTickets email to be problematic, please consider upvoting, following, and commenting on this post, which includes a discussion about customizing the contents of the eTicket email. 
  • Kelley R
  • Jan 4 2016
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  • Shannon Knight commented
    August 17, 2017 18:55

    It would also be great to resend the eTicket URLs in an appeal...